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‘‘The Magnificence of Joseph’’

Joseph's Courtright's Portrait of True Brilliance
Commissioned from Hawaii in
January 2007

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(Joseph was so delighted with his Portrait of True Brilliance that I have included several quotes from him which he sent at different times from having received the portrait.)

‘‘Well, you nailed, space, life, universe and everything and the girl.’’

‘‘Call it the joke on me, but every time I turn around I literally see something new in my soul portrait, that wasn't there 5 minutes ago, yesterday, 30 seconds ago, etc.’’

‘‘You caught dead on how I acknowledge the fact that I'm aware of my continuing change, growth etc.  More importantly how you helped pen the things that in my heart of hearts can barely put into words sometimes.  And of all the things that mattered was how the portrait conveyed both my faith and knowledge of the goodness and greatness of God.  You did a terrific job, I was surprised as I was delighted.’’
Thanks again

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Detail of portrait